Stephen Spurrier 1941-2021

A rich life of three score years plus two time ten for Stephen Spurrier the indefatigable wine entrepreneur who started last year a publishing house and was in its tenth vintage of Valley of the Bride in Dorset, the vineyard he created in the UK.

Stephen Spurrier was the model gentleman committed to the Art of living using Wine as a conduit and had the gall of starting a Wine School in Paris teaching wine to expats and the French (Bonjour Monsieur Bettane!). A Brit who ruffled a few French feathers with his infamous « Jugement de Paris » a watershed moment who shook the wine world (for the better).

A gentleman through and through, I had the pleasure of meeting him the summer of 2018 in Barolo, his simplicity and enthusiasm charmed me at once. I told him that he was the inspiration for me to start a wine school in Montréal, Stephen saying at once that he would be delighted to pay us a visit since it has been years already that he did not come to Québec… The moment after, we took the pose for this photograph destined to salute the students of École In Vino Veritas.



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