Richard Sagala & Paolo Dinis Lopes

_MG_6277EDITRichard Sagala MBA is a lecturer in the Global MBA program at Kedge Business School (Bordeaux), in the MSc. Creative Industries Management diploma at KEDGE Paris and conducts wine seminars for UBC.  He is also a Vinitaly VIA Ambassador.

Richard is from Montréal and presently based there. He also has extensive international experience. In addition to his Wine MBA, Richard holds twelve wine diplomas, certifications and accreditations from five countries: France (where he lived for five years), Italy, Canada, the UK, and the USA. He also holds a butler diploma from the Netherlands.

Richard Sagala at a glance pdf: link

Richard Sagala en un coup d’oeil pdf: lien

Read Forbes article on Richard Sagala: link

Richard Sagala is the owner of the IMBA (International Montreal Butler Academy) and the ÉIVV (École In Vino Veritas) a WSET accredited wine business school who train professionals conduct academic research and fulfill marketing and distribution research mandates.

In 2016 Richard Sagala created the International Montreal Butler Academy. This unique school is home to the CEWECM the Centre of Excellence in Wine Education and Cellar Management. This is a distinct feature of the IMBA program where students will have the opportunity to taste first growths & iconic wines and will become conversant with the taste profile of old vintages and rare grape varieties.

In 2012 Richard previously created École in Vino Veritas a wine trade and business school. This is the only WSET accredited, fully bilingual, wine business school in Canada operating at a graduate level. ÉIVV research on behavioral marketing has attracted international attention from professional media in Canada, the USA, Argentina and Germany.

École in Vino Veritas public research has been presented around the world:

  • AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists) 2016 Bordeaux conference
  • Wine 2 Wine business seminar 2015 Verona conference
  • EuAWE (European Association of Wine Economists) 2014 Lyon conference
  • AWBR (Academy of Wine Business Research) 2014 Geisenheim conference
  • AWBR (Academy of Wine Business Research) 2013 Brock University conference
  • AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists) 2013 Stellenbosch conference

Italiano: 2016-2019 Presidente of ASAC (Accredited Sommeliers Association of Canada) Wine MBA, è proprietario di École in Vino Veritas, una business school specializzata nel commercio di vino a Montreal, in Canada. Docente al Global MBA presso la Bordeaux Kedge Business School e alla University of British Columbia. Richard Sagala supporta i produttori che vogliono entrare o migliorare la loro presenza nel mercato canadese. È Italian Wine Ambassador della Vinitaly International Academy.



Dr. Paolo Dinis Lopes is the technical director of ÉIVV and responsible for content development. Dr. Dinis is an oenologist with a Ph.D. from the Bordeaux Faculty of Oenology and a Wine MBA 2011 from BEM Bordeaux Management School, the same promotion as Richard Sagala. It was during our MBA studies that we decided to create l’École In Vino Veritas. Paolo conducts research on a varieties of topics and is a specialist on oxygen and the head of R&D for Amorim (cork maker). His research leads him to  lectures around the world.

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