Tasting and learning about wine in COVID-19 times

Are you self isolating to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 virus?

Maybe you are presently having a bit of time on you hands…

A pleasant, satisfying, creative (and for some lucrative) way to spend it would be to build your palate, acquire a tasting technique and learn how to understand and appreciate quality in wine.

École In Vino Veritas  got established in 2012, and since 2015 we have been reaching out to students abroad (professionals and amateurs alike) via technology.

Our school is based in Montréal, Canada.

Canada is a huge country and to reach out and expand our clientele base we have started five years ago offering one on one tasting courses to long distance Canadian students and the USA via Skype.

Our track record shows the superb results from the teaching method we employ: the WSET official statistics and the analysis of our students success rate can be read following that: link

Typically, out of town students up to now were trained via Skype and once their tasting technique matured and came to fruition made the trip to Montréal for in person tasting sessions and to write their exams.

Presently, during the COVID-19 times, we are using Skype to reach out to our local students as well…

In Vino Veritas!

Richard Sagala, École In Vino Veritas owner and WSET instructor

Richard Sagala at a glance: link

Richard Sagala en un coup d’oeil: lien

Contact us via email: link

PS: contrary to what is said, yes, you can taste wearing a mask

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  1. Hello hope this message finds you well Interested to take the WSET level two course from your school while I am off work. I have studied over the past year or so wine from SAQ and travels to Bordeaux and South west France. Also Ontario Niagara and Prince Edward county. I have a personal collection of over 400 bottles of wine with my partner
    And I am wanting to retire from my
    c urrent job with knowledge to enter the wine industry in some capacity

    1. Thank you for your interest, the next Level 2 starts on the 23rd of March. To register you go to the ‘next course page’ and can do it online.
      Best regards, Richard Sagala

      1. How can I register for the March 23th start. How can I quickly receive my books etc. Is there a place in centre ville where I can pick them up

    2. Once registered You can pick the books in NDG at once. This weekend if you want
      WSET will receive the registration for the 23rd but nee 10 days to process it; the web based instruction part will start on the 13th of april .
      We could start the Tasting classes in the meantime though.
      write to me from now on at :
      Hope this help.
      Best regards,

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