WSET École In Vino Veritas: Seven years of performance! (2012-2019)

Dear all,

We just received the last report of the WSET regarding the performance of our students for the 2018-2019 exercise.

The highlights of the Level 3 are here in this picture:

Please bear in mind that it is the WSET in the UK that corrects (and have the final say about) all exams and in their annual report which is sent to us every year at the end of November-beginning of December WSET compare the performance of our school with the aggregated WSET schools weighted performance around the world which they call : WSET Global.

Here are three graphics to illustrate how our school performed at Level 3 spanning seven years since the beginning of our activities (2012-2013= year One).

To better understand the graphics,  please bear in mind that the Level 3 WSET exam is composed of three parts:

1- a Tasting exam

ÉIVV First Graphic

(+ a Theory exam in two parts)

2- a Multiple choice exam

ÉIVV Second Graphic

3- a Short written answers Theory exam

ÉIVV Third Graphic

As you can see, we have consistently fared way above the already high standards of WSET Global but the Short written answers have been a bit more challenging. It is the part of the exam where all WSET students are struggling the most. Last year we made the commitment to strongly improve in that regard and better prepare each of our students in order to ace this part. Please have a look again at the third graphic to see if we have succeeded…

In Vino Veritas!

Richard Sagala

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