Our students: they come first for the WSET and then return for the coaching …

There are three things that distinguishes our school from the rest.

1- With his specialised Wine MBA Richard Sagala helps ÉIVV students in planning their professional wine project and coaches them to make it come to fruition.

2- For students who aims at  a career in HORECA ( Hotel, Restaurant, café) Richard Sagala with his butler training helps service professional to ouctlass the competition through superlative service delivery.

3- For students who aim at a career off-trade (selling wines, distributing it or starting an agency) Richard Sagala with his global network and experience helps them reach out to the right people in the industry. (testimonies of past students available on request*).

This, is on top of a flexible agenda, one-on-one personalised training and tasting and new WSET courses starting every months,  with the possibility to choose the exam date according to the student other professional commitments and availability.

In Vino Veritas!

  • *August 12, 2019 testimony: « The WSET 2 course, taken at the In Vino Veritas school, was the best decision I made this year to acquire knowledge that was essential to me on one of my greatest passions, but also to advance my career as the new owner of the wine agency – Sélections Audrey Brault . Indeed, choosing to study at Mr. Sagala’s school allowed me to talk to a mentor who identified my needs and entrepreneurial interests, as well as my passion for ecoresponsible wine. He has excelled in his support so that I can put his knowledge into practice with the winegrowers with whom I am constantly talking internationally and allow me to have a coherent and concrete basis when I choose my wine portfolio. Now, I look forward to going to WSET 3 to continue my apprenticeship and make a real difference to the winegrowers, but also to my customers ». Audrey Brault (WSET L2) Québec city, CAN, August 12th, 2019
  • « Richard Sagala was my wine mentor throughout my WSET Level 2 Award in Wines & Spirits course.  What I appreciated most from Richard was how easy and unpretentious it was to talk and listen to him.  Not only do you get the WSET training with him, but he makes it fit hand in glove with your professional endeavors »  David Francis,  Wine Agency. Instagram Montreal CAN, 08-2019

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