2017-2018 WSET École In Vino Veritas Students passing rate

True to our transparency policy, we communicate our annual school results.
Once a year, end of November, WSET Global send us our school performance.
WSET have all the scores and it is easy for them to measure each school performance…
Our 2017-2018 perfomance (measured in % success rate):
WSET Level 2
WSET Level 2 Multiple choice: at 100% we are above WSET Global. We improved 6 points from last year.
WSET Level 3
WSET L3 Tasting: we have lost 17 points from our last year 100% success rate. The reason was that in 2017-2018 we agreed to accomodate some students who studied abroad and allowed them to come and sit the exam with us.
-Nota: In 2018-19 we have reversed this policy and only our students will be allowed to sit exams at our school-
WSET L3 Multiple choice: at 100% success rate we improved 25 points.
WSET L3 Short Answer: This is where all WSET students struggle and where our students struggled most…
But, this is where we have improved the most as well: We have improved 45% our passing rate!
At 83%, we have an almost 50% more pass rates than the WSET Global.
Where do we go from here?
We constantly thrive to improve the exams preparation strength of our students.
Our one to one teaching sessions work miracle to that end.
Next year we will strive for better passing rate.
We will not be satisfied unless we reach 100% everywhere.
In Vino Veritas!

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