Veritas research Lab

Veritas research Lab fulfill marketing and distribution analysis research mandates .

To that end we collaborate with Kedge Business School (Bordeaux, France) and a team of distinguished researchers around the world.

Some of the techniques and models we use: Dirichlet analysis, Discrete Choice Experiments, Pick-any method, etc.

Richard Sagala and Dr Paolo Dinis the founders of In Vino Veritas Wine Business School are both alumni of Kedge Bordeaux.

Veritas research Lab delivers its optimal quality based on the expertise and publications of researchers such as Hervé Remaud and Larry Lockhsin.

Hervé Remaud Bio Note:

Hervé REMAUD is a Senior Professor of Marketing at Kedge Business School. He has been working with wine industry entrepreneurs and senior executives for over 10 years, both in France and Australia. Hervé holds a PhD in Agricultural and Agrofood Management from the National School for Agronomic Engineers in Montpellier (France). His research areas mainly relate to the wine industry, focusing on the interface between consumers’ behaviour and wine firms marketing strategies. He has published several articles in international journals and books.


Hervé Remaud & Richard Sagala, Schlöss Vollrad,  AWBR 2014 Geisenheim, Allemagne


-Since the beginning of In Vino Veritas wine business school in 2012, academic research papers have been presented on twelve occasions, in nine cities, in sixth countries, on three continents
-Medias in three countries have been writing about In Vino Veritas and the American Association of Wine Economists has distinguished two of our research papers.
-Its academic and business research endeavours led In Vino Veritas to gain the recognition of being the only fully bilingual (French & English) WSET accredited Wine Business School in Canada operating at Graduate level.
Here are a few events at which we made a presentation:
  • AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists) 2016 Bordeaux conference
  • Wine 2 Wine business seminar 2015 Verona conference
  • EuAWE (European Association of Wine Economists) 2014 Lyon conference
  • AWBR (Academy of Wine Business Research) 2014 Geisenheim conference
  • AWBR (Academy of Wine Business Research) 2013 Brock University conference
  • AAWE (American Association of Wine Economists) 2013 Stellenbosch conference

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