Dr Ian D’Agata, the authority on Italian wines & a fine Canadian Wine Ambassador gets rewarded

Latest news: The Tony Aspler Cuvee Award of Excellence was inaugurated in 2000 to mark Aspler’s  25 years of wine writing (Tony Aspler is the « dean » of Canadian wine writers, author of close to twenty books on wine).
The annual award goes to the individual or institution that has done most to further the aims and aspirations of the Ontario Wine industry. This year’s winner was Dr. Ian D’Agata for his role in championing Ontario wines in the international arena, most notably in Vinous magazine, and for being an enthusiastic ambassador for the region. . Ian’s award is especially noteworthy as it is the first time it has ever been awarded to someone living outside of Ontario and because it is also the first time it has ever been won by a journalist/wine writer.
I had the pleasure of being a student of Ian in the Vinitaly VIA wine Ambassador program in 2015 &2016 and could attest to the competence, passion and deep knowledge of Dr Ian D’Agata. Plus, being one of our own if I am not mistaken,  Dr D’Agata did part of his medical training in Canada and holds a Canadian Passport.
An active writer and contributor to various magazines and platforms, Dr D’Agata authority in the wine world  will shed more light on the best efforts Canadian wine producers are bringing to the vinous table.
We appreciate our home team and to that effect our wine school has been collaborating in the last four years with UBC and Kedge Bordeaux ever since the beginning  of the Wine Leaders Forum organized for Canadian BC producers to help our talents in their quest of quality.
Félicitations Dr D’Agata, Congratulations Ian, it is a well deserved honour.
In Vino Veritas!

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