2016-2017: WSET fifth academic years

2016-2017, École In VinoVeritas completes its fifth acadmic year.

Here is a top ten list of what we have achieves so far:

10 L’École In Vino Veritas (ÉIVV) is the first bilingual WSET school in Canada
9 ÉIVV is the first private WSET accredited school in Québec, Canada
8 ÉIVV is the first bilingual (Fr+En) WSET Wine & Business School operating at Graduate level in Canada
7 ÉIVV instructors have the most academic credentials: 2 PhD’s and 2 Wine MBA’s
6 Twelve: is the amount of ÉIVV wine marketing research presentations to date
5 Research presentations led ÉIVV to visit 9 cities, in 6 countries, on 3 continents
4 Medias from 3 countries mentioned ÉIVV research papers
3 The American Association of Wine Economists (AAWE) has distinguished 2 ÉIVV papers
2 Fall of 2016, ÉIVV merges with the International Montreal Butler Academy (IMBA/IAMM)
1 ÉIVV students consistently reach the highest scores at WSET exams in Québec


Welcome to the École In Vino Veritas!

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