Three years of stellar performance for the students of École In Vino Veritas


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ÉIVV Students come from Toronto, Ottawa,  New-Brunswick, Québec, Sherbrooke and Montréal.

Highlights of the success rate for the École In Vino Veritas students (three academic years data: 2012-2015):

Lexicon: ÉIVV= École In Vino Veritas,

WSET: Wine & Spirit Education Trust,

WSET Global: represents more than 600 Wine & Spirit Education Trust accredited  schools  (in 62 countries).

WSET L2: Intermediate Wine & Spirit level course,

WSET L3: Advanced Wine & Spirit level course,

APP: Approved Program Provider


Success rate 2012 -2015:

ÉIVV L2= 100% -vs- WSET Global L2= 90%,

ÉIVV L3 tasting= 100% -vs- WSET Global= 95%,

ÉIVV multiple choice exam= 97% -vs- WSET Global multiple choice exam= 87%,

ÉIVV short answers exam= 79% -vs- WSET Global short answers exam= 66%.

Context: established in 2012, École in Vino Veritas (ÉIVV) is the only private wine business school accredited by the Wine and Spirit Education Trust (UK) in Québec (Canada).

Every year, the WSET evaluate how well our students perform in writing their exams and gaining their WSET certifications.

For that matter, WSET rate all exam and check all the data from its schools and can easily establish the relative performance of one program provider and compare it to the aggregate average of all the others. Once this is done, the approved program provider (APP) will get a report card for one academic year. For instance, in November 2015 the ÉIVV school  received  its 2014-2015 scorecard.

Of note: Since our beginning we have received kudos from the WSET inspector who praise our consistent high markings and high success rate.

In the Fall of 2015, our school jus started its fourth academic year.

ÉIVV offers two WSET Levels. The school offers  bilingual tuition in both French and English:

The first WSET L2 level is called « Intermediate ». The second WSET L3 one is  called « Advanced ».


The WSET L2 certification is obtained after having satisfactorily answered a theoretical exam.

-The exam is composed of 50 multiple choices questions

The WSET L3 certification requires succeeding in both a written theory plus a tasting exam.

-The theory exam is in two parts: the first part requires answering a fifty questions multiple choice questionnaire. The second part is a ten questions short answers questionnaire.

-The tasting exam requires the student to correctly identify two wines (a red and a white) and write a comprehensive tasting note for each in accordance to the WSET Systematic Approach to Tasting (SAT) standard.

Highlights of the school report card established after completion of three academic years (first year = 2012-2013, second year= 2013-2014, third année= 2014-2015).

We are comparing our school success rate (diplomation) with WSET Global average (600 + schools in 62 countries).

WSET L2: with a 100 % success rate it is difficult to do better. For three years we scored the maximum, our school is 10 percentage points higher than the 90% WSET Global L2 mark.

WSET L3 Tasting: with a 100% success rate it is difficult to do better. Our school is 5 percentage points better than the 95% WSET L3 Tasting average mark.

WSET L3 Multiple Choices Exam: at 97%, we show a solid success rate of 10 percentage points higher than WSET Global L3 Multiple Choices Exam which showed a three years average score of 87%.

WSET L3 short answers exam: at 79%, we show a good success rate scoring 13 percentage points above the 66% WSET Global L3 short answers rate.

Additional comment on the WSET L3 short answers exam : in the last year this is where we have improved the most raising our success rate from 71% in 2013-14 to 92% en 2014-15. Compared with the average of the two previous years (70% average for 2012 & 2013) it represents a spectacular improvement of 31%.

Congratulations to all our students!

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Richard Sagala


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