AAWE 2016

November 10th 2015, École In Vino Veritas submit a second research paper to the American Association of Wine Economists (to be presented in Bordeaux in 2016).

Title of study:

Importance of eco-logo and closure type on consumer expectations, price perception and willingness to purchase wines in Canada

Executive summary:

This study found that Canadian (Québec and Ontario) wine drinkers displayed low interest in purchasing environmentally friendly wines even if they were willing to price premium of CAN$1.11 for wines with “100% Eco-friendly” claim when buying a bottle with an average value of CAN$15.53. Organic and biodynamic claims on the label affected negatively the price and purchase intent. In opposite, consumers were most likely to buy (~6%) and would pay CAN$1.69 and CAN$1.39 more for wines sealed with natural corks compared to those sealed with synthetic or screw cap closures, respectively. However, no synergy was observed from closures type and eco-label claims together on the bottle; they did not have a combined utility to respondents’ by signaling a stronger “environmental friendliness” message.

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