Wine Leaders Forum, Okanagan, 2015

Wine Leaders Tasting 15:04:15

Emergence of a wine region: Regional Branding & Wine tasting seminars for professionals, exploring terroir and a Sense of Place by Richard Sagala.

1-Presentation of statistics on the different canadian markets and notes from Napa, Sonoma approach to regional branding by Richard Sagala

2-Two tasting seminars themed around the quest for identity and exploring the « sense of place » concept.

Were present,

Wineries owners:

Bill Eggert- Fairview Cellars

Christine Coletta- Okanagan Crush Pad

Danielle Robinson- Stable Door Cellars

Duncan McCowan- Hillside Winery and Bistro

Evelyn Campbell- Blasted Church Vineyards

Ezra Cipes- Summerhill Pyramid Winery

John Skinner- Painted Rock Estate Winery

Josie Tyabli- 5 Okanagan Estates (Nkmip, Sumac, See You Later ranch, Inniskillin, Jackson-Triggs)

Kim Pullen- Church& State Wines

Rob Ingram- Terrabella Wineries Ltd.

Shaun Everest- Tinhorn Creek Vineyards Ltd.

Spencer Massie- Clos du Soleil


Anthony Gismondi


link to the Forum on the University of British Columbia website


Comment from Okanagan Crush Pad:

« Hi Richard

I hope you had a safe journey home. It was a real pleasure meeting you. Our group really appreciated your tastings and the direction that you lead us towards a sense of place. It was very informative. If I make it to Montreal I will definitely let you know. Best Regards, Christine Coletta »

Seminar organized By UBC Faculty of Management and Kedge Bordeaux Business School


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