How do you create a World class Wine learning and Wine Business Centre in twelve easy steps?



L’École In Vino Veritas

Acronym : ÉIVV

How do you create a World class Wine learning and Wine Business Centre in twelve easy steps

First step: start with a lifelong commitment to teaching and pedagogy.

1-At ÉIVV we cumulate more than thirty years teaching experience + three wine educators certification.

Second step: make sure that you possess expertise in Wine

2-At ÉIVV we have half a dozen sommellerie and wine certifications.

Third step: make sure that you possess technical wine expertise

3- At ÉIVV we have a Ph.D. in oenology (Bordeaux, 2008).

Fourth step: make sure that you possess wine business expertise. You need to know about the wine trade globally.

4-At ÉIVV we have two specialised Wine MBA’s (2011) for that.

Fifth step: you need to contribute to the body of knowledge by doing research and learn constantly from your peers.

5- ÉIVV has 2 academics who have been presenting research papers and conferences around the world. ÉIVV is equally connected to prominent academics everywhere.

Sixth, step: seek exposure! If your research is any good, your school should attract some positive reviews from your peers and the specialised press.

6- ÉIVV got those reviews from : Canada, Germany and Argentina.

Seventh step: since you deal in education empowerment, make sure that you are state of the art in terms of the value of the wine education you offer, that you know what would-be professionals need, what are consumers looking for, what empowers them and what don’t.

7-At ÉIVV, we produced a quantitative 2 years study to assess the relevance and empowerment wine education provides to the wine consumer.

Results: we received invitations from around the world to present the findings.

Eight step: from what you have learned in your research, find the best courses for professionals and consumers alike. Design the best courses, conferences and workshops for both wine amateurs and professionals.

8-At ÉIVV we did that and received more than a hundred accolades from our users and students.

Ninth step: to properly groom professionals entering or working in the wine business and hospitality trade, you need to make sure that, on top of their wine knowledge, they receive the highest presentation and sales skills and that they will master the standard of excellence in both.

9-At ÉIVV we have a certified butler to train in mastering the standard of excellence in presentation and an MBA for sales.

Tenth step: Personnalise! Make sure that what you offer is uniquely tailored to the specific needs of the students and spend a generous amount of time with each of them, individually, on a one-to-one basis.

10-At ÉIVV, our unique hybrid classes gives the student the power of a virtual class plus the rapt & undivided attention of a dedicated teacher that will taste with you and will answer your questions.

Eleventh step: Have your school inspected by a worldclass organisation the likes of WSET Global and study the comments.

11-At ÉIVV we recently (2104) received such a report and were happy to learn that our students received the highest marks (in Quebec). We equally relished the report comments about our beautiful teaching facilities and the comment on the topic of Content Delivery : Feedback is of very high standard.

Twelfth step: Collaborate with other respected schools around the world and create a network of researchers, academics and alumni to help the students further pursue their wine and business training abroad.

12- Our school is collaborating with Kedge Bordeaux Business School (France) and UBC the University of British Columbia (Canada).

As for a network of researcher, academics and alumni, our network extends to : China, South America, Africa, Australia and Europe.

 Et voilà, those are the twelve easy steps.

In Vino Veritas!

Richard and Paolo

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