Exploring Bordeaux Wines

Explore the most prestigious wine region in the world: Bordeaux

Quebecers love Bordeaux. For every four bottles of Bordeaux sent to Canada, three are sold here in Quebec.

At the end of this nine hours course and after having tasted delicious wines, you will hold the keys to open this treasure trove of pleasure.

You will uncover the terroirs, the grape blends and the various wine style that will answer questions the like of:

Facing a Bordeaux map, how can I maneuver between 60 appellations?

How do they make Bordeaux?

What are the most famous terroirs of that region?

Why are they so unique?

Why do they blend grapes there?

Why are their grape varietals so unique?

What is a « second vin » ?

What kind of food do pair well with Bordeaux wines?

Why are the first growths worth so much money?

Is there good value wines to be found in Bordeaux ?

etc, etc.

And, all this in a relax atmosphere where learning doesn’t mean not sharing a laugh.

This course is the perfect introduction to Bordeaux and does not need any  prerequisite.

Next course Monday: January 28 

Location: Downtown Montreal (exact location to be determined)

Cost: $275.00 + taxes

Link to students testimonials on Richard Sagala’s teaching


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