The pleasure of champagne

Champagne: a word that conjure up images of elegance, prestige, good times and smiley faces.

In this 9 hours course you will enjoy  tasting delicious champagne wines and you will wonder about the rich diversity of styles these unique wines have to offer.

Plus,you will find answers to questions the like of:

How do they make champagne? 

Champagne rhymes with elegant fun but, com’on, can we say that it  is  a « serious » wine?

Is the Champagne region homogeneous or do they have specific sites and terroirs over there?

Champagne before dinner or with desert perhaps but not during dinner right?

What food can I pair champane with?

What do they mean when thye say that a « Maison » de champagne is a brand?

What is a récoltant-manipulant?

To make a special evening an elegant one, are there any rules when planning and organising a champagne party?

How do they saber champagne? Could I do it?

 etc. etc…

All this in a relax atmosphere where learning doesn’t mean not sharing a laugh (easy with a glass of champagne in hand).

This course is the perfect introduction to this elegant tipple and doesn’t require any previous courses to attend.

Next course:  November 20-27 novembre, December 4 (see calendar)

Where? Downtown Montreal or Westmount (exact location to follow)

Cost: $275.00 – $25.00 Grande Dégustation de Montréal rebate= $250.00 + tax

Optional evening December 11  where we will taste the prestige cuvées of the best producers.

Cost: $150.00 + tax

Complete four evenings course:

Cost: $400.00 + tax


Link to students testimonials on Richard Sagala’s teaching

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