Discovering the world of wine, a pleasure destination

Discover  the joy of wine, how to increase your pleasure when you taste it and how to look for quality and value when buying it.

In this 12 hours course you will be tasting delicious wines from the world best  wine producing countries.

You will find answers to questions the like of:

What is wine?

How is it made?

« Terroir » What does that mean?

What kind of grapes do they use for wine?

What’s the difference between cabernet sauvignon and merlot?

What wine would pair well with that dish? 

Are expensive wines better?

How can I improve my pleasure when I am tasting wine and how can I discover what I truly like?  


And, all this in a relax atmosphere where learning doesn’t mean not sharing a laugh.

This course is the perfect introduction to the wine world that will allow you to better choose the wines you prefer and the regions that you may want to learn more about later on.

Link to students testimonials on Richard Sagala’s teaching

Course duration: 4 weeks, three hours per week (19:00 à 22:00)

Next course starts January 2013

Location: Downtown Montreal (exact location to be determined)

Cost: $275.00 + taxes



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