Richard Sagala, the new math: 1=7+2, 3=3 (soon to be 4)…

Wine Firsts, Premieres and original contributions:

1 = 7+2

Richard Sagala is (the):

1- First (& only) Bordeaux Wine MBA in Québec (October 2011)

2- First (& only) WSET Certified Educator in Québec (February 2012)

3- First english teacher for  « Les Connaisseurs »  SAQ wine courses  (November 2011)

4- First teacher of the new SAQ wine course « Les Terroirs d’Italie » (March 2012)

5- First (& only)  French Lifestyle/ Art de Vivre combined (Vin & Étiquette) Columnist in Québec (June 2008)

6- Québec First (& only) certified Butler from The International Butler Academy   (The Netherlands, November 2001)

7- First (& only) Canadian certified from the Rolls-Royce & Bentley Motor Cars School of Instruction (UK, September 2001)

Original Contributions/ Contributions Originales:

-The first  Richard Sagala In Vino Veritas wine club  becomes operational in Québec (April 2012).

– Richard Sagala was the first invited Canadian Argentine Tango dance teacher by the Beijing Tango Club and organised the first  Wine and Tango special dance/tasting event for the Beijing Wine Club (Beijing, China, Summer of 2006).

(And while we are talking about firsts, perhaps it should be mentioned that Richard Sagala received a « Premier Prix » (First Prize) from the Quebec Conservatory of Music in…. well, many years ago).

3= 3 (soon to be 4)

At the moment, UK, France and Canada are the 3 countries from which Richard Sagala got wine diplomas and certifications. (This list should be augmented by a fourth one in May 2012…).

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