Meininger’s Wine Business International September 2011

On the 17th of June 2011, I gave a presentation in Bordeaux on how the SAQ was engaging low involvement wine consumers with the concept of taste tags.

Meininger’s Wine Business International, September article: 10th anniversary Meiningers

The program of the day at the Château Rochemorin was:

Welcome speech by Jacques-Olivier Pesme, Associate Dean of BEM.

Presentation of the day’s schedule by Prof. Hervé Remaud, Academic Director, Wine MBA, BEM, Isabelle Dartigues, Head of Recruitment, Wine MBA, BeM, and Marc Torterat, President of the Wine MBA Alumni Association.

Moderator: Felicity Carter (Wine Business International)

 Morning; New Challenges facing the wine and spirits industry

  • Regulations and wine and spirits industry perspectives:

–          Yves Bénard (President, OIV, INAO, France)

–          M. Baï (Chairman, Dynasty Fine Wines Group, China)

 Convincing infrequent wine consumers to buy more wine

  • On trade:

–          Gérard Basset (Best sommelier of the world 2010, Wine MBA, MW, Owner of Hotel TerraVina, UK)

 How to engage  low involvement wine consumers   

  • Off trade:

–          Richard Sagala  (SAQ,  Wine MBA 2010-2011, Quebec, Canada)

  • Off trade:

–          Prof. Larry Lockshin (UniSA – Ehrenberg Bass Institute for Marketing Science, Australia)

  • Challenges of sustainability facing the wine industry:

–          Alexis Raoux (Environment Management Director, Castel Frères, France)

Afternoon: Tomorrow’s wine and spirits industry leaders

  • The power of producers:

–          Christophe Juarez (CEO, H. Mounier Cognac, France)

  • The power of distributors:

–          William George (CEO, TWIST SEC, Canada).

  • Market overview:

–       Jean-Philippe Perrouty (Research Director, Wine Intelligence, Ltd, UK).

  • Summing up the audience point of view:

–          Prof. Hervé Remaud (BEM, France)

  • Creating value along the chain:

–          Paul van Gils (Global Operations Manager, JFHillebrand SCM, The Netherlands)

  • Selecting the right distributor:

–          Marc Torterat (Wine & Spirits Consultant, France)

17h00 –  Conclusion

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