Paul McCartney, Montréal 27th of July 2011 and red wine

What does Sir Paul McCartney and red wine (besides the colour of his jacket) have in common?

Both cater to all generations!

On the 27th of July PMcC gave an electrifying concert in Montreal, my hometown.

For three hours he rocked four generations of fans.

You could see grandmothers, mothers and their daughters sing and dance, the youngest one being an unborn child.

His pregnant mother had written on a board « Sign my belly and I will name my son Paul ».

She got invited towards the end of the concert to come on stage to be presented to Paul McCartney who obliged her.

The link with red wine.

I am actually finishing writing  a thesis on the value of wine education courses for my WINE MBA in Bordeaux.

One of the issues I am investigating is the interest of younger generations for wine. Some gate keepers in the wine world claim that younger generations are fearful and simply not engaging with wine.

A field study of the clientele for wine courses here in Quebec points to the contrary. The younger generations, people say of 40 years old and younger, are more numerous, more enthusiastic about learning and spend more on wine than their counterparts five years ago.

Red wine has their favour and one can say that, in Quebec, wine, like Paul McCartney’s music, is cross generational and appeals to all.


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