In Vino Veritas « Wine, window into a man » or the curse of John Galliano

In vino veritas is a Latin phrase that translates, “in wine [there is the] truth ». It is also known as a Greek phrase “Ἐν οἴνῳ ἀλήθειαEn oino álétheia, which has the same meaning. It was first coined 25th centuries ago.

The Feb 2011 episode of fashion designer John Galliano speaking unsavory words in front of a camera showed (if we ever doubted it) that alcohol is a desinhibitor. The classical meaning of the expression relates to wine as revelatory of true character.

In this French and English blog we will stray a bit from the traditional definition to look at it differently.

First, we propose to look at wine a bit more literally and will try to taste wines and  see what story they tell, what are their truths, their signature, their identity. The ones we like, we bring them to the fore in Recommandations.

Second, wine is about people, and a sense of place, a moment of sharing. We will tell stories about interesting people we meet through wine. They might be wine producers or wine lovers or interesting people, people simply that make us slow down, connect and pay attention to the moment.

Finally there are more than 33 billions bottles of wine produced every year and this represents a significant economic reality. We might talk at times about business issue or technical aspects related to this beautiful drink.


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